Monday, February 15, 2010


Whoo hoo hooo! Sunday's the new beginning of the year for our Chinese brothers all around the globe. Gong Hey Fat Choi! and well if it's too much being said by everyone Happy Valentines Day.. :-)

I was in this small convenient store and well pretty much a long line on the way to the counter. Just as it was turn already and this chap (the bagger) crack on a joke maybe for everyone or for that lady who was carrying a handful of chocolates going to the counter or he is talking to the lady cashier. "How lucky all these women today..Valentines day.. chocolates & cake.."...he could have add a dozen of roses!  I just made laugh at it...well at least everyone was.  

My best friend Gee .. a week before this red hearts holiday had a greeting card prepared for his husband. We were on this bookstore looking for the best card for his dearest Kisokie. She gave it to Kei the morning before V-day served with home sweet cooking breakfast. How sweet it is! Should i say..."How lucky all these men are.."

Gee asked me yesterday what's my plan celebrating V-day. I said all alone again..naturally... 
But it doesn't mean i am not lucky..and  i hate valentines day.. it's just like going through every days that i should live with and be happy! Just as I am indulging myself now with Vanilla Almond ice cream treat..Cheers to myself and to those who are in l o v e with everything in l i f e ! :-)

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