Thursday, May 6, 2010

one tough cookie

Taking my leave off for work today...yeepppeey! It's my mama's birthday! :-)
Didn't tell her ahead of time about it.  Soon as she found out i am home for her birthday she was glad i take my day off at work... As she always know i am this workaholic child of her. Mama's becoming pretty much emotionally sensitive as she gets older. Peace ma! :-) 

The evening comes and we had a simple gathering for her B-day. She was being serenade with songs from her friends from the church org. I am happy enough to see how overwhelmed she was on her birthday.

The past couple of years has been tough times for her. The loss of a better-half  then follows the death of his two brothers in just a matter of  year after. But she keeps a strong heart despite everything.

If i was on her would probably be the hardest battle to deal with. I can still see the pain in her eyes but she keeps a steady swing with life's challenges. She's one of the most remarkable woman i know. I just hope & pray God grant her more strength.
She is definitely one tough cookie... Happy Birthday MaMa!

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