Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dancing in the moonlight

I was a spectator of such a lovely beauty of mother nature...

Along the silence of the night on my window shines through the glow of the moonlight with the rainbow ring surrounding it..

Eventually I shared to Dad far across the globe what beauty i have just witnessed. And these are what he shared to me as well... it made smile.. :-) The moon in the The Netherlands..

Dad took the pictures while he was on his way home.

I wonder if my adoring man ever see this beautiful moment as well... :-)

A vampire like lifestyle.. is not really as dull as everyone think. Not that i suck blood at night. Just being on graveyard shift work for four years this has been my days..up and awake in the middle of night even on weekends. :-) Still..I am grateful that i get to witness such beautiful sight.

It's priceless...  :-)

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