Sunday, August 29, 2010

sweat it's my three months now with my workout fitness program.
Start the stats with 124 lbs at first month. 2nd month - 125 lbs which i was a bit upset because instead of losing i obviously gained. But somehow it challenge me more. Then yesterday comes two days close to my three months. It got me to 121 lbs. whehehehhh! I am happy about it! It may be not as big numbers but i am proud of it. And slowly but surely
it's worth the effort.

It is never that easy along the way but i learned that it takes a lot hard-work, dedication, patience  motivation and discipline. I will never be back young again, eventually i will get old. But I owe at least something to my own self and that is to take care of  my own body. Even simple just stay fit & healthy.

I am not aiming for super hot sexy figure me but I am just as more happy in & out better these days. :-) 

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