Monday, December 5, 2011

celebrating Sinterklaas

Today is another wonderful day that am truly grateful for. I was part of a very important celebration for the Dutch, Sinterklaas". ~ And that is celebrating it with my godfather's whole family. It's something so special indeed.  It's not just literally exchanging gifts (probably) like we do in Christmas. I have seen all the hard work each would put into making it special & creative as they can and to bring humor and the element of surprise. With all the preparations with dedication each and everyone take time to put into. And i did my part as well..which i am glad it went well! It's something very Dutch experience indeed. Above all, the significance and meaning of it is just so amazing for me.

 The sweet treats & will the chocolate letter with the recipients initial ~ and that's M for me.. :)
Letters in poem from Sint Nicolaas
And the overwhelming surprises and gifts..

Am so much blessed to be with such wonderful family and being able to take part such important event with them. Another special moment to treasure in my last days of Dutch Adventures.  :)

P.S. I love you

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