Sunday, June 17, 2012

Extraordinary Remarkable Gentlemen


Back in Netherlands for my Dutch holidays, one day @ Dad's home with his eldest son 
& wife watching through good old photo slides of him from his short stay in the Philippines.
 He was 28 then as an exchange student in USC-TC-WRC- in the 80's.
 One slide shows a baptismal ceremony with a young good looking tall Dutch gentleman 
over-towering the rest of the crowd, attentively looking down to the baby.

 My godfather spoke: Do you know who that baby is Mary Jane? That is you! 
And that is how i look after you from the start when you are a baby until now".. 
For some reasons - after 31 years that was the first time i saw my baptismal pictures.
 I would have to be grateful to my late Papa as well..for he makes sure that when he is gone
 for good on earth. I still have a father to fill in his shoe.

My godfather has  been my guiding light. He never failed to gave me so much 
lessons and inspiration in life though he is far across the globe. I am too blessed to have Godfather 
like this extraordinary remarkable gentleman. 

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY Dad! Zorg goed voor jezelf. :)

Happy Father's Day to all Dad! 
You are greatly honored today and always for the HERO that you are in our lives.

 "My Father gave me the greatest gift
 anyone could give another person, he believed in me"..-Jim Valvano

Carpe Diem! (:
P.S. I love you

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