Sunday, February 28, 2010

you've got mail

If Vincent Van Gogh has whom he confides his deepest thoughts & emotions in his art & his life through his letters to him.

I do have that too.. I am as grateful and overwhelmingly blessed to have my godfather, my second Dad who is far across the globe but still makes me feel he is just by far a shoulder to reach out. He knows something wrong when i am quiet with my letters for him...He would always say.."mary jane you're tooooo quiet.. how are you doing? "...

Today is one of those so many countless moments where I am always grateful and amazingly blessed. A letter from Dad is like my light house in my everyday sailing in the big ocean of life. His words of wisdom are my guiding light. 

I am just so happy today..overwhelmingly happy.. came home early morning after a crazy day at work. But nevertheless i call it a day with a smile in my heart...You've got mail..from Dad..

Dad Bas you are an earth angel to me.. :-)


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