Friday, March 5, 2010

dooodle doodling dee


Slowly.. I think I am picking up of where i left at...I have just bought a new drawing/sketch pad and was really drawn to it as it's very unusual for me to find a kind of sketch pad like this on the bookstores. I just love the color of a vintage paper. actually a brown one. I love it! :-) One thing that keeps my zest get back.. as i was so excited to doodle on it right the day i bought it. I was just like a kid who's so happy having a candy.

 And so it first doodling after such a long silence. It feels so good just letting loose of myself at the very moment. I was like dancing in the middle of the rain. I wasn't scared or holding back.. i was in my own nirvana.
Looking forward for another doodling time of my life! I am feeling the good vibes... and it's something i can always smile at.. :-)

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