Monday, April 12, 2010

arty day

Weekend comes along...
This time i got myself all day glued up on my PC doing another arty stuff. I just get along with the vibes and not knowing i was as productive that day! whaalllaaa! :-)  It was just total fun as I indulged myself to my very own world. Right in my comfort zone...let loose of my very own self and have fun!

My creation - Mjo-mja little darling ... :-)

I so loved this lines from a not so old song.. :-) 

The three extraordinary gentlemen of my heart...who taught me so much about l i f e &  help me see the woman that i can

Writings on my wonder wall of l i f e.. :-)

Ahhh..what a great time it was! Well thanks to these gadgets of mine.. (my very old PC, adobe photoshop & my canon digital cam) expressing art on this age has been a lot more worthwhile with its aid. :-)

To wrap up my weekend was F U N ! :-)

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