Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1-2-3 things to smile for today

T H I N G S   T H A T   I   S H O U L D   B E  
   T  H  A  N  K  F  U  L 
           F O R   T O D A Y :-)

First -It's raining! :-) in the middle of dawn and when everyone is  still in their own dreamland.  Glad it rains as it has been total hot summer days here and warm nights. The vampire in me again alone and awake. But hey hooo!! Monday off for work today! I choose 

Second- to keep me company..some music and a cup of hot mint green tea doubled up with another cup of coffee with mint flavor as it says on the label.. lol Tried it i was curious if it's really mint taste on a coffee.  Not close to my expectation but oh well not that bad anyway. :-) 

Third- A word from my adoring man across the globe. :-) Oh how i miss him. The connection over the web seems awful but the least I am so thankful for, is that we were able to speak for a bit of time.  I missed his message yesterday and was hoping he gets in touch again even  if he was on work travels. The thing that meant the most is he took a long way for me. He has to borrow a friends machine just to be able to keep in touch with me. Those thoughtful gestures just so melts my heart. I have nothing to complain now even if out talk was cut off short. What matters most is we were able to speak even for a while and above all i know he is safe. I thank God for that. Knowing he is having fun with work even if it means hard work for him. Am just as proud of him. make me you always my

Everyday..i think it just takes time for us to sit down, see  wonder things that happen at every moment o f  our days And then on, learn to appreciate and smile for it. Those may just be 1-2 -3 little things ..but isn't  that makes life wonderful? It's priceless moments... How about you..what makes you smile today? 

goedemorgen! :-)

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