Sunday, April 18, 2010

weeeeekend yey

Wheeeppe yeyyyy!! weekend!! :-)  it rained last night and i had a long long comfy sleep. And that is mainly because... rain outside makes me cold & feeling so cozy in bed and  before that i was able to speak with my darling. x  Heaven knows the smile i wear in my heart.

I sleep like a log.. and woke up in the middle of the dawn. S u n n y Sunday is here! oh how fast days come by... Not feeling well today..runny nose & dizzy. I turn down plans to go out with friends.. lazy & a bit sickly.. but home sweet home lovin! On my comfort zone again.. :-)

If it was rainy Saturday.. Oh well am still glad it rained even if a day! now it's  
So sunny Sunday!! :-) 
I get to capture these beauty today.. from mom's lil' garden..

Lots of  S u n s h i n e  S M I L E !! 

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